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Zero Gravity unable to fulfill orders, cancels dealer program... going under.

Some backstory: I've been trying to purchase replacement windscreens for my SV650 Superbike from Zero Gravity for 5 months now. I've placed orders with multiple dealers, and none of them can get the windscreens from ZG.

Last month I got on the phone and called Zero Gravity myself. They swore they had no backorders for SV screens, even though Sharkskinz and several other dealers had told me they had been waiting months for screens from ZG. Swore that if they got any orders they'd get the screens out in 2-3 weeks. So I called one of their listed dealers and placed a new order. I called them a day later and confirmed that they had the order for the sv650 screens, ship to my address. All good.

4 weeks later I contact the dealer, he contacts them, and they inform him that they have cancelled their dealer program. That the only way for me to get the screens is for me to contact them and purchase the screens directly, or for him to purchase them through a distributor who stocks them (nobody stocks sv650 screens).

So I call them, and talk to Shelby, who confirms that their dealer program has been discontinued. She strongly says that it should be a temporary thing, but that is true right now. She quotes me and I confirm the part numbers. I get off the phone to confirm that I didn't receive the 2nd gen SV screen at shipping at work. I call back to confirm the order.

I point out that having to call them and do this stuff myself is very difficult, and I'm disappointed that they have stopped doing business with the people I have bought their screens from for years. Shelby acknowledges the issue and says they hope to recreate the dealer program in the future. She puts me on hold to confirm the pricing.

A guy named Chris picks up the phone and starts asking me what I want. I explain that Shelby is helping me with an order. He asks me for all the information over again (won't pass me back to Shelby) and then starts telling me that I have all my information wrong. That he is the dealer rep, and their dealer program has never stopped and I have it wrong. I point out that I'm only saying what Shelby said to me, so perhaps he should talk to her -- at which point he firmly says that she didn't say that, and I am confused.

Um... right.

After giving me the Nth degree about "my misunderstandings", he says Shelby will have to call me back to take my order. Which she doesn't. I finally call her back after waiting a few hours. First she claims the order is ready to go, then she realizes I live in California and she didn't add sales tax. She takes my credit card information, but is unable to give me a total for the order including tax and shipping. She says it will be on the receipt in the box.


So right now we stand at 5 months and more than 20 hours of my time trying to get these windscreens. IF I receive them. I really doubt they are going to be around much longer. I need to find another windscreen which will fit, since they are clearly unreliable.

Oh, and the dealer sent me a copy of the e-mail he received from them about the cancellation of the dealer program. So they are liars too.
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