Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 05-11-2011

11:32:21: @CherylMorgan The link at Lambda fails, and I can't find that story there. It's focused at top with Amazon grant to lambda.
11:43:59: Following on @CherylMorgan's post, there's even more detail at
11:45:17: And here we are again, back to full steam #AmazonFail. Boys who kiss each other are bad, but horny girls using dildos on each other are ok.
11:47:40: It's also noteworthy to see @LambdaLiterary pulling this report about Amazon's anti-gay tactics. Apparently their ethics are for sale.
11:53:46: @tobiasbuckell Nook application can't find Nascence in the list. Your link to it from the blog still shows the old price, too.
11:54:36: RT @eranium: CFO asks CEO "What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" CEO: 'What happens if we don't, an ...
21:26:40: My evil twin painted my luggage to match my race bikes

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