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Sweet speed.

I drove 3 hours south of Nashville today to Birmingham, Alamba. Why even farther south? For a racetrack, naturally!

Barber is a modern, wide, flowing racetrack. It's sweeeeeeet. It was even more fun flying around it than I had expected, and my expectations were pretty high.

I made the unfortunate mistake of getting in the "slow line" of riders, thinking that I should get to know the track. At some point I've got to realize that while I am slow compared to my friends, I really ain't all that slow compared to normal folk.

So I go out on the lap, and the guy in front of me is braking *everywhere*. Within a single lap we're hundreds of yards behind the group, and I'm completely unable to observe the racing line or proper braking points. Suck. I pass him as soon as we're allowed to, but I'm just trying to find my way around the track on my own at this point. Got my knee down in three corners but still ain't feeling it.

Second session, I got in the fast line and right in front. Got a good several laps behind the leader and learned the real braking points. Had a good session. Knee is down *everywhere* and I'm finding that I don't need to brake at all on the switchbacks.

Nothing special with the rest of the day. Each session was more fun, each session felt faster. The track feels real easy to learn, and I got some serious practice on heavy braking. I got to chase some liter bikes around, passing them in the corners and waving bye-bye on the straights. I spent 3 laps doing this to a guy with a camera mounted on his bike -- maybe there will be footage?

By the last session I had shredded my rear tire, and it was getting loose going over the long, back curve. The final session was rained out by a thunderstorm, so I packed up and headed back to Nashville. Tired puppy.

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