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Just don't shove it in our faces.

I have always gotten really angry when I hear the phrase just don't shove it in our faces when used about lifestyles. Cigarettes you can shove in someone's face, but lifestyles?

Living in liberal California, it's hard to point out specific things as arguments against that.

But returning to the mid-west (where this phrase is uttered more often) is a harsh reminder of why this phrase is complete and utter bullshit. Christianity is totally shoved in your face from every angle. In Utah, it was the church of the LDS people. The new racetrack where every race had to start with a Christian prayer. Where the ballot measures, I kid you not, were evaluated in the press based on whether a good christian would vote for them.

The problem is that anywhere that one group has dominance, they have the ability to constantly shove it in your face. Few are as good about this as religious zealots. They want to shove their beliefs in your face and down your throat, but for you to keep your alternative lifestyle away from them.

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

There is nothing like stopping pretty much anywhere in the midwest to remind a person why they are safer on the coast. And frankly, to make one think that hopping the pond to escape this madness may be inevitable.

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