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Okay, we've all heard the phrase it made me want to puke but until yesterday it was just a phrase to me.

As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time listening to radio. Talk radio was a nice break from the music, and BBC and NPR were the choices. I was listening to an NPR interview with a self-acknowledged christian history revisionist about how they want people to believe that the US is a christian country.

I'm paraphrasing the quotes below because I can't find a excerpt, but it's nearly word for word.

Q: So obviously you face some opposition from secular society. How do you plan on fitting them in with your vision of how the US should be?

A: I think you mistake our goals. We have a very long view. We're not concerned with where the US is today or next year. We want a christian world. We want to bring the entire world to unity with our savior Jesus Christ.

It was all I could do to keep from puking all over my dashboard.

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