Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 02-10-2011

00:04:45: RT @jsundmanus: Thank @USProgressives for standing up for civil liberty. Resisting "Patriot Act" is patriotic.
12:44:41: @Danjite I'm suspecting your household usage of truffle oil trends above that of many small countries.
12:45:25: RT @jay_lake: Once dropped my car keys in the gutter and immediately, unthinkingly air-typed command-Z for undo. #techvictim #fb
12:46:46: Our devious plan to rid ourselves of most paper books has begun in earnest. My first stack of 40+ books on the way to local bookstore.
13:39:01: Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself. #hcr #scotus #p2
15:27:08: RT @lizhenry: You know, if I were Mubarak I would get up there and rickroll everyone. #jan25

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