Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 12-31-2010

17:04:53: Looks like tonight will be a quiet evening alone. I think I may even get some writing done.
17:08:51: Oh wait, Dresden Dolls at the Warfield tonight. Hmmm...
20:51:21: Found someone with a spare ticket so I'll be sitting pretty at the @dresdendolls show. Wonder if @neilhimself will make an appearance.
21:19:54: @zourzouvillys Gun to protect yourself next time Skype goes offline? Wow people were upset...
21:50:12: @neilhimself are you coming out to play before the show?
22:08:47: The opening act makes clear that this will be The Night Of Hyper Piano Players #dresdendolls
23:24:52: Amanda Palmer is adhoc singing snark while they try to get her keyboard working. #dresdendolls
23:37:01: No tapes here! Amanda improvs when her synth powers off again. #dresdendolls
23:48:29: Harboring vain wishes that @amandapalmer or @neilhimself could tell crew to adjust backlight which is blinding everyone in the balcony.

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