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The Sound of Silence

Okay, I think the crazy numbness has passed. Yeah, that's what I was trying to babble about earlier this week - it finally came through as I was walking it over in my head today.

The feeling has been like a weird numbness. When my friends are around, I feel alive. But when I was left to my own devices... a deep silence. A numbness. To the point that I would get angry about things just to feel. And want to be away, to be near things that made me feel alive.

Today felt... relaxed. I was amused at work, annoyed a few times but mostly okay with things. Tonight, sometime after the movie I realized that things were flowing again. I felt blood flow. I felt a natural heartbeat to things. Subtle things felt real again. I think the Silence is done.

But very odd.

Oh, the movie? Yeah, nitnorth, hyla_regilla, Sam and I went to see V for Vendetta tonight. I'm glad to see it again, I loved it even more the second time.
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