Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 11-07-2010

08:53:49: Feeling good after 10 hours of sleep. Realized some suspension changes made in May might be an issue. Reversed for morning practice.
09:12:12: New resolution to reduce the number of things I am responsible for, but more important - to make my relaxation time more relaxing.
09:22:15: Remember ibuprofen to help with sore muscles. Wow, brain really only functions with enough sleep.
09:45:19: Suspension changes a total win. I went as fast on the second lap of cold morning practice as I went all day yesterday.
10:54:26: 2nd session went very well. I feel like a racer again. Next time out is Formula2 race around 1pm.
13:56:41: Finished F2 race. I was one of only 3 SVs. The fast kids on 125s have taken over.
15:25:43: Went all wrong with a suspension change before Heavyweight Twins. Spun up the tire a lot. New changes for LWT SB with advice from @davemoss
16:26:11: Races are done. No vast improvement. I am tired. Packing up to head out.

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