Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 11-06-2010

01:43:59: At Vegas, bikes are unloaded ... time for Zzzzzz
09:29:12: 2nd lap of first practice my superstock bike tossed a piston into the bellypan :( No superstock races for me.
09:36:25: Came out of last corner onto front straight, hard on gas. Upshift. Clunk crash clunk followed by billowing smoke.
09:39:07: I kept it upright and rolled into conveniently placed track exit. No drama for me, no oil on track. Well, no drama except destroyed engine.
14:02:44: Kid in front of me had a bad crash in turn 1 at start of solo endurance race. We are back in pits while they clean up debris.
15:06:02: I endured through the solo endurance race. Deliberately blew the start to relax and use it as practice.
15:07:54: I changed technique and got the Pirelli front to turn better. Fixed my throttle usage to get through the long sweeper with more momentum.
15:13:47: And now its time for a Corona and a nice cold shower.

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