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Everyone moves forward

I spent this morning helping sinmix and clockworkbuddah move to their new apartment. Then we moved some things over to Michaela's new apartment deep in the Castro, and joined with several others for a nice lunch break. Great morning.

Afternoon, I just felt wiped out and not really in touch with anything. This was probably my only weekend free until August, so I was hoping to hook up with someone for dinner but that seemed unlikely.

I made an odd call to my therapist (Terry Ellis) to see if she was back in touch (her mailbox had been full for several months) and heard a message with status of her recovery. I had no idea she'd been hurt, and it sounds pretty bad. I wished her the best of luck. She's one of the best kind of people, and someone I think a lot of people would miss. She's definitely in my prayers.

What a month. It seems like everyone is in motion, everyone is tying up things and moving forward (albeit painfully in some cases). I'm the only one standing still, vaguely bored. Not sure how I feel about that.

Post-edit: Sorry, that's a lie. I know exactly how I feel about myself and where I am, and it really sucks. The question is what I should do, short of doing my old style of simply throwing absolutely everything in the air and rebuilding from scratch. I like what I'm doing with my life, and I totally appreciate the friends I have. There's really nothing at all that I'm spending time on that I don't want to. The happy with what I do part of my life is really good. It's the things that return that positive energy to me part that is ... not lacking, but very scarce.
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