Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 09-01-2010

00:53:39: is on the ground in Melbourne.
03:06:15: I'm in room 321 at the Pensione Hotel. Not that this will do you any good, since I don't plan to be here much.
03:07:01: I have decided that "There is something technically wrong!" is Twitter's logo, since it is always at the top of the page.
04:00:56: No visible bar scene at either the Crowne or the Hilton. #aus4
15:38:08: Apparently my body is uninhibited by timezones. I wake up ~8am local time every day, no matter where I am in the world.
15:41:03: I just learned that Peter Lenz died this weekend. One of the nicest (and fastest) kids in the paddock. He'll be missed.
15:43:39: Fox News completely misrepresents life a few hundred years ago to be rude and offensive about Peter's death. Bastards.
16:43:42: Dark Regions Press spams me from a twitter user for every book they publish. Spam works! I'll never buy from them or any of their authors :(
17:13:34: Wifi at the Pensione is so bad its usable only for e-mail. Web pages ~4min to load, Skype is unusable. I'm changing hotels tonight. #aus4
18:56:31: AussieCon4 has a non-obvious layout and, wait for it, NO MAP of the convention space. #aus4 #fail
18:58:41: Program book is full of references to things being next to other things, with no information on how to find the latter thing. #aus4 #fail
20:35:38: You find yourself glad to see Starbucks when you haven't had a non-espresso drink in weeks. Yay brewed coffee.
21:05:11: Internet appears to be much improved at Pensione. #aus4
21:52:08: I was unable to attend opening ceremonies because all of the entrances remained roped off and no staff knew how to get there. #aus4 #fail
22:29:17: Zero for two. I have found the room for the panel, but doors won't open to let me in. Apparently this worldcon very exclusive. #aus4 #fail
23:57:45: @jamezpolley joss Whedon allows unhappy sex. He kills you for being happy, sex or otherwise.

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