Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 08-30-2010

01:00:52: Oops, forgot about the Zealandia night tour until too late. Oh well, off to the Swan Lane Emporium for wine and snacks.
01:03:44: Staring at the nice balance of architecture and nature in the Wellington skyline. #specialmoment
02:36:58: Duke Carvell's Swan Lake Emporium served up a fantastic, rich blend of tastes along with great local wine. I wish I had found it sooner.
03:05:51: Rain is a bit too much for more wandering tonight. Back in my room for relaxation, coffee, and perhaps more writing.
14:04:31: RT @johnklima: RT @2muchexposition: It is a truth universally acknowledged that people who can't follow submission guidelines are usuall ...
15:08:51: Today I'll be taking a bus up to Zealandia, then strolling from there down to the Botanical Gardens afterwards. Much photograph to come.
15:09:17: @dave_gallaher If you get back to Wellington in time tonight, I have found a great wine bar to get desert at.
16:32:08: I have found Eggs Au Bain-Marie to be a delight. I must learn to make this at home.
16:35:42: Dithered over breakfast doing final line editing on Door. Sending off to Sheila soon, must not allow anything stupid to slip through.
19:06:03: Zealandia is fantastic and worthy of multiple days. And a deep, harsh reminder of the destructive effect of introducing outside predators.
22:19:56: I froze, sweated, hurt. I am exhausted, covered in mud and I stink. I'd do it again if I could. I'm in love with #zealandia #specialmoment
23:17:19: RT @mcddjj: RT @pourmecoffee: How broken is Focus on Family moral compass? They oppose anti-bullying efforts as too gay-friendly. http:/ ...

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