Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 08-26-2010

11:10:55: Through customs in New Zealand. Taking bus between terminals to catch 7am flight to Wellington.
11:32:24: I had an ideal flight. Was completely booked, except for my row :-) I had row to self but shared it with a nice gal whose tv didn't work.
11:34:06: I watched two movies and otherwise slept. I have to admit, I love flying. Waking up in another country is always awesome.
11:55:50: Window seat for hop down to Wellington. See many of you soon.
13:01:17: On the ground in Wellington. Now to determine transit options to the Quality Inn.
14:01:18: I'm in room 126 at the Quality Inn. First mission, coffee. Second mission, register for Au Contraire.
14:24:52: @CherylMorgan Free wifi in the Quality Hotel too.
15:45:17: Just fixed all my Au Contraire calendar entries. Oh, gcal and your woeful lack of useful timezone support. Or at least bulk move...
15:52:24: Strolling around Wellington to get my bearings. It's cool here, but not cold. (Although I'm sure Nova would beg to differ if she was here)
18:55:33: I'm about to head out for some local food. Anyone else here in Wellington want to make a jaunt?

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