Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Don't hold my beliefs strongly. I don't!

A good friend recently mentioned that he was concerned about some of my more emotional analysis posts. He said that he didn't disagree with them, but he was concerned that I didn't realize that they reflected perhaps a more transitory state than I seemed to accept them for. (you know who you are, feel free to correct me if I got this wrong)

So I wanted to point out for the record that I believe my statements are valid for about 60 seconds on either side of when I posted them. And given that many times I am writing in the journal just to get the thoughts out, so sometimes the ideas just flow out of my fingers and seem right... so perhaps just 60 seconds after I post.

Or maybe not even that much.

Anything I post here is a snapshot. A frozen moment in time where I am considering X and thinking Y. By the time you've read it I may already have thought of new things too. It's all transitory.

But I also want to say something important to me too. If you have concerns about what you read in my journal, please speak up! Please comment there, or drop me an e-mail. Let me know what concerns you.

I would like to hear these things sooner. Thank you. Love ya.

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