Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

From Twitter 08-16-2010

08:51:03: I expected slim pickings at Rodeo BBQ. Got BBQ tofu.on spiced corn mix. Absolute top-notch meal. #bestbuckinthebay
09:25:30: Had the right rear outside tire leak out on Friday, had to limp slowly into Half Moon Bay for repairs this morning. #notfun
11:34:37: Tire is fine. Problem was in valve stem extender.
13:13:32: Home now. Catching up on work.
16:37:28: Had a nightmare last night. First in many years, very odd. School grounds, coworkers, police, aliens, deadly green icor and... mind control!
20:42:35: @zansidhe I'm not with you on that. I heart OkCupid.
20:47:15: Finally spending a moment with someone who needs a bit of my attention. ME. Glad to find I don't hate myself ;-) #specialmoment
21:42:10: @zansidhe Ah, yes. People on #okcupid can certainly provide entertainment.

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