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The more it changes... the better it gets.

It is really hard to imagine. On my birthday I made a statement that I felt was true:

Thirty-nine is the result of my two favorite numbers: three and thirteen. This will be a good year!

Within a month I was finding this statement ironic at best. Over the next few weeks pretty much everything I deeply wanted in my life turned out to be a little more than an illusion. Illusions I was deeply vested in supporting regardless of the facts, but illusions none the less.

My, my, how things can change. Just 3 months later and this is turning out to be one of the best years of my life after all.

I walked away from the people and situations which weren't good for me. I abandoned my illusions, and have been very busy learning about how I support the illusions, and how to avoid doing so in the future. I learned to appreciate my friends and their affection.

Good things, good changes... but is my life really better? Yes, it absolutely is.

I believe that I'm doing even better at being open to my friends. I've developed some new deep connections with a number of people that I'm proud to call my friends. I have gained an Evil Wonder Twin. I have a new lover who is consistently teaching me fantastic heights and depths. I am deeply humbled by all of the wonderful things happening in my life, all due to the wonderful people sharing their lives with me.

Today I am doing better than I ever imagined. My life is better today than I was 5 months ago when I said this. Too easy you say? Let's put it this way: my life now is better than even my imagination believed it was 7 months ago. Hell, my life now is better than I ever hoped it could be at the beginning of this year. The wonderful things which happened this weekend so completely overwhelm even the hopeful illusions of any previous time I can imagine.

I am deeply humbled by the awesome people in my life and the experiences they share with me. I love you all.
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