Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

No wonder I've been in pain.

So when you come back from radiology and the doctor looks at you with that How have you been walking around with this? kind of look, it's actually kindof relaxing. Why? Because it means she knows what is wrong, and you won't have to bounce around with theories.

So the foot is like a bunch of bones that flex and move around together. The one closest to the ankle has grown a large spur, which is both interfering with movement of the other bones, and irritating the two large tendons which pass right over it.

There's no way to ignore this -- it will never heal itself without breaking off, which would hurt like the dickens, or possibly get worse. I am scheduling surgery as soon as possible.

I have a weird difficulty with scheduling. If I do it now, there is a chance that I won't be completely healed during the New Zealand / Australia trip. That's one risk. The other risk is that if I wait to do it later, I may not be able to enjoy the amount of hiking I had planned to do in New Zealand. And AussieCon4 is going to require a lot of walking, as I'm stuck in one of the farther hotels.

I'm going to get it done as soon as I can and pray I'm all healed up by then.

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