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Time to decide finally for WorldCon.

It's fine for me to finally put my foot down on going to Worldcon or not. I want to go. I really want to go.

1. I promised myself in 2008 I was going to make the next 20 Worldcons, no matter what. I'd hate to fail after having only made one.

2. I've never been to Australia.


A. It will be expensive, perhaps more than I can handle right now.

B. I didn't get anything I wanted to get published out this summer, so it won't be much of a working con for me sadly. Anything I sell now won't be published by then.

But gawd, I really want to go. Time to buy someone's badge NOW and get plane tickets... or let it slip by.

And I guess honestly that I really don't want to go alone. I did Denver on my own, and that wasn't as much fun as the years I've attended with someone else. Unfortunately I don't have anyone appropriate to bring with me right now. (the evil Wonder Twin will be back in the UK by then)

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