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Children may also need to be set aside.

The new writers group I'm working with is really amazing. Really on point, really good at digging into the details, and really interested in making the story succeed. I'm really happy I'm working with them.

Unfortunately every one of them came down on Children with "you can rewrite the story to..."

Yeah, I think I may have the same problem I have with Door -- my early craft issues may have given this story a structure that I can't really sell. I need to decide whether or not to put this aside.

That said, the main things they banged me on were no real suprises: setting (white room problems) and building enough character. I very much depend on people to pick everything up in how the characters act, and don't provide enough internal dialogue from the character's point of view. This is true in all of my stories.

Unlike any previous groups I've worked with, this group did an awesome job of providing really good feedback on how to fix all of these problems. I may have to toss the story, but I really like this group. They are definitely FTW.

I think I'm going to go back and address these issues, then toss the story to Writers and go focus on Point going forward.

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