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awesome days keep stacking up

My climbing partner was late yesterday so I tried out bouldering for the first time. 4 boulder climbs - 3 completely successful, and the final one I couldn't get a good swing going to grab the very last grip on the top. That was tricky.

Back to top rope and practicing the new technique. Even after tiring myself on the 4 bouldering runs, I did 4 tall climbs - deliberately using backsteps and sideways hang-climbs like I'm retraining myself for. Given that 4 climbs used to be my limit, that was a pretty good day. I could have done even more but I had to leave for--

Up to Oakland for a great date at Mijori Sushi. And yet again, found myself connecting with an awesome person who knows many of the same great people I know. It was a great evening -- we talked until we had totally shut the place down.

Then I ran over to Fentons and grabbed an ice cream cone for the drive home. Oh, woe is me.

Life has been pretty fantastic of late.

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