Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Iron Editors liked Point Of Entry

I went back to one of my first (unfinished) stories Point Of Entry and submitted two pages to Iron Editors for review this morning.

Actually, the editors didn't choke on it. They really only disliked my (honestly) lazy "wake up" beginning environment, and then had a few grammatical issues. But outright said it was a good piece and they wanted to read more. Nice.

This story is very old, and predates a lot of my current understanding of good process in writing. I completely rewrote the beginning, fixed several other things and added some more depth to Heinrich.

I'm back in touch with this story. The muse hit me hard enough I was in tears as I pounded out some, well hints, of Kimberly's backstory. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to ride my muse hard, but I'm very happy with what I've done here.

Only 232 words difference in the word count, but Point Of Entry is now set up and tagged properly in Scrivener (was in Open Office format before) and I'm very happy with the first 4 opening scenes. I'm also fairly certain that it's going to be a 5-6k word story. I'm going to try and finish this Monday evening for submittal to the Anticipation Workshop.

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