Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

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using a new muscle.

Most of you that know me recognize that I go way way way too far past any sane point to try and make things work out best for people I care about. I don't stop at any reasonable point.

Today, I faced again that challenge. I was asked by someone to do something to make them feel better. This person had rejected my previous offer for peace based on terms would which work for both of us. She was now asking me to basically forgo anything that would make it better for me, and give it to her on her terms.

I said no.

You might be saying "why is this hard?" I don't know. But I find it incredibly hard. But I did it anyway. I used that muscle finally. Hopefully I will learn to build some strength in that muscle, and learn to trust it in the future.
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