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Long-overdue update on the Jo

I'm sorry that I've been so very quiet lately. I'm still trying to sort myself into the new place, and adjust myself to new realities of that. Work has been somewhat crazy busy of late too, so I didn't have much time in the daytime to get my head clear.

I'm almost entirely moved into the new house. All the boxes that are going into the house are out of the garage. When I return from racing this weekend I'm going to leave the bikes in the RV garage and do some re-arranging of the home garage for final setup purposes.

In the home I really have only two problems to solve: try and re-sort the bookshelves to find enough space for everything (and choose which things to give away) and to put the office into something resembling working order. As soon as both of those things are done, I'll be having a housewarming party. Assume June 19, halfway between Baycon and Westercon.

I've also been going through a lot of personal challenges, mostly of the sort of me challenging myself and others (Krys and my therapist) challenging me to do good things for myself, and dealing with somewhat challenging situations. I think I'm doing a good job with this, but it's leaving me exhausted.

And my sleep has remained very very poor. 3-4 hours a night, wake no later than 6am no matter how late I went to bed, following by a few hours of tossing and turning before giving up and joining the day. That finally broke last night and I slept really well -- let's see if we can make that continue.

I know I've been a hermit and not seen many of you watching this. I'm sorry, I promise to have my head straight soon. Please feel encouraged to pick up the phone or keyboard and invite me out to things. I miss you all.

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