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DirectBuy apparently only sells to christian families.

Open Letter to DirectBuy:

As we discussed before, I've got some money from a home equity refinance for upgrading portions of my house. You apparently have a service for selling household components at good prices. I was interested. But at this time I have cancelled my visit, and I have no intention of ever doing business with you.

Why is this? Apparently you are so interested in my marital status and want/need me to meet what you perceive to be societal norms that you aren't willing to sell to me. This is absolutely shocking, and I'm furious.

When you first called, you asked about my marital status. I said Single. Your person sounded really confused, so I elaborated that I had previous had a long-term partner but that we didn't agree with current marriage laws and thus remained single on the books. And that we didn't live together any more and this was past history. This person asked all sorts of personal questions (including the sex of the partner) which really annoyed me... but finally said I should come alone. Which is fine with me, because that is what I intended to do anyway.

Then your staff person calls me to give me a confirmation number, but wants to call her back. I do that, and she grills me about actually showing up at the agreed time. This is offensive and condescending. Then she starts in on the married or not married bit again. I explained that I previously had a partner but that we weren't married, and that only I would be showing up. She gets into me *AGAIN* about trying to figure out what this partnership is, and tells me all sorts of nonsense about rules requiring married couples to show up together.

So, here I am, sitting in my office at my workplace, having to have a conversation with your staff person about the intimate details of my (previous) sex life. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

I really don't know who you think you are, but it's very clear that you are trying to limit your customers to ones which meet your societal norms. I'm offended, and I'm fairly sure you're violating California laws. At the very least you will never get any of my business.

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