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Fraud letters from "National Union Fire Insurance Company"

I've gotten a pair of letters from National Union Fire Insurance Company based out of Jacksonville, FL warning that my policy is about to expire and to pay now.

The gotcha? I know all of my insurers very well, and this ain't one of them. All my policies are through State Farm, and come addressed from right here in San Francisco.

So I call the number posted on their letter 866-495-9378, and they answer the phone Insurance Company. Um yeah. So I ask if they are the name on the letter and the person mumbles. So I ask again clearly and they say "yeah sure". I give them the policy number on the letter, and they are unable to pull it up in their system. Then they start asking for all my personal information "for security purposes". When I point out that it's not for security if they don't have my information to compare it against. The person agrees with my logic, then says she really has to get this information - it's what she's supposed to do.

Naturally I didn't give it to them. I did call the Florida State District Attorney. They have already had several complaints about this company and are trying to gather evidence. If you get one of these letters, please call 850-413-3140, option 2 and talk with the nice people there. They can open an incident and give you a fax number to send the letter to.

Note: this agency in Florida is quite serious about this -- they have an internal memo about that company already. Let's give them all the evidence we can so they can shut this fraud operation down.
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