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Holding myself way too tight.

Though weather predicted thunderstorms all day we had overcast morning followed by bright blue and sunny skies. It had rained until right before we arrived at the track, but left us alone most of the day. Rain went east of us (as opposed to west of us yesterday). It went south of us. But it didn't start raining on us until 4pm, by which point I was exhausted and perfectly willing to call it a day. Probably the best you can expect of the weather right now.

The first session was on an extreme green and wet track. But having had a lot of wet practice this year, I went out and started turning a few decent laps (given the wetness). I turned 2:46 followed by some 2:40 flats. Which is horrible unless you realize the track was still wet and I was one of the fastest on the track at the time. In fact, I was passing pretty much everyone in the race group. I've never done so many passes in A group. Nice! We'll just ignore the conditions which allowed this...

So the second session was fairly dry, and by the third session the sun was shining and the track was clear. But I was only pulling 2:23s and the occasion 2:20 flat. That's 6 seconds off my best time last year, with a tired motor and suspension problems. Ugh. But I'm not focusing on speed today (not a good day for that) but still trying to work on body position. I'm think I'm doing better, but I'm also screwing up fairly often. Very tense, very aware.

After the first session after lunch, I was exhausted. I was tempted to go home. Then I remember that I needed to focus on the endurance race this year. So I went out with the commitment to stay relaxed, and just turn some consistent 2:25 lap times. Nice and chill, relaxed.

Every lap I did in that session was a 2:21 or 2:20 flat. And I was basically cruising.

So Jo was riding tight, holding on too much and slowing himself down. Well I guess this is hardly news. Jo, holding himself too tight? Say it isn't so! As to what I can do to resolve this... we shall see this coming Sunday at Infineon.

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