Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Slow is good, just for today.

So today it threatened to rain all day but it didn't. Yah! I went out every session but one today. It was really cold, and the track was really green, so I didn't push for fast times but instead focused on what had been pointed out to me last time. I think I'm improving.

So I went out this morning and right away cut 2:25s on a very green track. That's okay for the first session. And I focused on relaxing my outside arm, not cocking my head weird and not crossing my shoulders up.

Later in the day I started pushing harder, entering corners faster and generally working through each place that I'm slow. All while trying to stay off the bike between same-side corners, and pointing my shoulders properly where I want to go. Note: it's impossible to not cross up your shoulders if you don't relax your outside arm. If you relax your outside arm, your outside shoulder falls back into line. Duh.

I had some drama mid-day when I found yet-another-oil-leak *SIGH*. But after walking off my frustration I used some RTV and it did the job. I had to skip one session while it settled, but the last two sessions of the day were drama less. My best time today was 2:18, which is hardly spectacular but pretty good given that I refused to let myself get caught up in lap times and forced myself to focus on body position.

Today was a good day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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