September 8th, 2014

Dog carriers, feeders, toys and accessories available free

As most of you know, I no longer have any dogs. Life is kindof crazy right now such that we don't have the time or resources for training new dogs into our home, so Nova and I have decided to take some time off.

Therefore, I'm giving away to any of you any/all of the dog things we have. Anything my friends don't take I'll put up on Craigslist later this week.

Large dog crate, much like
Circular dog bed
Rectangular dog bed with cushion (like this but cushion only on one side: )
Dog/cat large water feeder
Dog travel feeder with dual bowl
Outside refilling water bowl
Several months of Advantix for dog > 60lbs
Bottle of PROIN tablets unopened (was in mail when Darla passed away)
A dozen or so dog throw, pull, and squeaky toys
Several 6 foot dog leashes
A 25ft extending/lockable dog leash
A one->two splitter for walking two dogs on one leash

If you know of a rescue house that would appreciate these items, please clue me in.
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