August 28th, 2014

Not a good few days. This is going to hurt for a while.

I've been on vacation for almost two weeks. I had managed to stop checking work e-mail, and actually enjoy the vacation.

Then I had the sudden onset of pain in my face. After two tries, I found a drug which managed to push it back enough that I wasn't a houling zombie. I was just starting to breathe clear again, when pain started up on the other side of my face AND I started getting frantic e-mails and calls from a work client about mumble mumble work drama. So I pull out my laptop and find out the hotel wifi has stopped working. The next two wifi cafes down the street have something so funky I can't get e-mail on their setup. I ended up walking a kilometer through town before I found a good enough wifi connection that I could access the encrypted corporate e-mail system.

On an afternoon where we should have been crawling through ancient monasteries or hiking in the hills (Nova ended up doing that alone) I spent eight hours of my vacation trying to deal with all the very legitimate concerns of negatively affected parties. At the same time the pain on the right side of my face slowly took over my left jaw and back of throat, making it very difficult to swallow anything.

I think you can understand when I say that I was not operating in anything like optimum communications skillset. I said some truths which were never going to be politically acceptable responses. I was mad, and I made that perfectly clear. I should have known. I should have pulled back and considered my words better.

So this morning we headed out to the hospital to deal with my body. That is apparently nothing some amoxicillin can't fix. But my failure to back away from the keyboard is going to cost me pretty badly.