August 25th, 2014

I am in incredible amounts of pain

We thought that the walking might end up being you much for me. Turns out that this is not what hurts me.

On Friday I went cliff jumping down into the little cove I had posted a picture of. This was great fun. By the time I was done, my nostrils were dropping clean of all snot and debris.

Fast forward two days and now I'm in incredible pain. I thought it might be a sore tooth, but my entire right jaw aches. My right ear hurts. My right eye socket hurts.

I think I've got a sinus infection. Unfortunately we are rolling through small towns with tiny pharmacies if any, and I can't communicate with them.

Pain is omnipresent. I can't think. I can't sleep.

I know many of you have dealt with this before. I have only one previous experience almost a decade ago. Any thoughts? Any ideas?