August 2nd, 2014

Yahoo no longer accepts Abuse reports. Time to blacklist Yahoo.

Today I received a spam that the headers clearly showed was generated within Yahoo and went directly from their mail system to mine. So I reported it to their published Abuse address, so that Yahoo would know their user is spamming. I received back the following e-mail:

This is an automated response; please do not reply to this email as replies will not be answered.

To report spam, security, or abuse-related issues involving Yahoo!'s services, please go to

Thank you,

Yahoo! Customer Care

Fail #1: They are required to accept abuse reports at their published Abuse address.

Fail #2: Going to this address gets redirected to which has hundreds of different links, but after spending 30 minutes looking through every single one of them not a single one provides a place to report a spam sent by Yahoo.

Result: Yahoo no longer accepts spam reports. I am therefore blocking Yahoo on every mail gateway for which I have control, and listing them in the Pink Providers blacklist effective immediately.

You can read the original article at Comments are welcome here or there as you please.

Onkyo SR606 free to anyone

I have an Onkyo SR606 which has the well-known problem of failed capacitors. I have the higher-quality replacement capacitors in hand. The instructions for replacing them is on this video

Problem? I bought a Denon to replace it and I've been too busy to get around to doing the repair work on the SR-606. So, I'm offering it completely free to anyone who wants it. Newish (only used it for one year) in perfect condition, in original box with remotes and manuals.

This is a high-quality video/stereo receiver with four HD HDMI inputs and a plethora of Component, Composite, and Digital inputs. Full specifications are at

These usually sell for $200 on ebay right now. If you don't feel like doing the repair there are shops which specialize in this repair for $75. So it would be $75 cost for a high quality HDMI receiver.

If anyone can think of a charity or school who'd be interested, I'd happily deliver it them.