April 19th, 2014

2013 pain and mismanagement / changes and good news in Q1 2014

This is a State of the Jo post.

For the last year I have continued to struggle with:
* low-level depression
* not getting enough sleep
* pain and non-effective methods of pain management
* lack of things I was allowed to do re:pain management
* lack of ways to usefully blow steam (almost all sports ruled out)
* sometimes blowing steam in highly non-productive ways

There are some other things like having no real vacation in 2013 since all that money went into trying desperately and failing to save a loving and faithful pet from cancer. Leaving a good job for a horrible one, Collapse )

Collapse )

In summary, I'm happier than I've been in years and making more progress every day. I've been stuck in my hobbithole and not getting out to spend time with friends enough, but I hope to change that more in 2014.

If you enjoy ice skating, Nova and I tend to do that several days a week and we have a significant number of four-for-the-price-of-two coupons (including rental) that expire in a month or two. Ping us and let's sync up!

If you want to go do something active like ride bicycle or go to the gym here in San Jose area we are both looking for excuses to do things like that. My workouts are much more therapeutic and light weight work than my general body frame would suggest, but I still have enough muscle mass to spot you on things I won't be doing for myself. Bicycle riding is lots of fun. Walking I am unfortunately incredibly short range unless it's a ridiculously leisurely pace. (see next post)

In short, would love to see you. Even better to share something healthy with you.