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June 27th, 2013

Tonight is Eddie's last night.

Eddie has been absorbing love and attention for the last week. We haven't put her down because she always seemed to be happy for attention, happy to see us. With me doing just contract side jobs right now, we've been able to give her a lot more love and attention than normal. That won't stay true forever, and next week in particular is going to be difficult.

We've been having deep discussions about whether or not she's just holding on for us, and what we should do next. I think Eddie or her cancer has preempted us. She's been having trouble breathing all night. She's still happy to see us, and happy for attention. But her breath is growing more and more shallow. I think we'll be bringing her in tomorrow morning if she makes it that long.

Rest in Peace Eddie "Munster" Rhett

Eddie passed away this morning surrounded by, well us. We were literally laying on the floor beside her, petting her and talking to her, giving her all the love we could as she passed away. She's gone now. She has become stardust again.