June 1st, 2013

Taking hits from the cancer puppy

As posted about in my previous entry, Eddie seems to have nerve damage that prevents her from using her right front leg. So we've been carrying her around a lot lately. As Nova said, "She's our Bran." Hm. Given that I often carry her on my shoulder, I think that makes me Hodor.

This morning, on my way out to an interview no less, I pick up Eddie to bring her to the car for her weekly chemo treatment. During the walk to the car she suddenly lets out a yelp, and either bites my face or just her head swung and her teeth caught me below the eye, on the nose, and above the brow. Ouch.

Yeah, that's right, I went to an onsite job interview with a swollen black eye, looking like I'd been in a bar fight or something. Oy. They never said anything, so they probably assumed something far more entertaining than me carrying around a dying dog.

That said, I did find a neat unit for carrying Eddie going forward. It's a Help 'Em Up which provides a well-balanced cargo with two nice rubber handles on top for carrying a large dog around. Yes, you too can turn your dog into a suitcase. That said, you can tell that this is a lot more comfortable for Eddie so I'm glad we've done it.

Now if only the swelling will go down before the FOUR, count'em FOUR interviews on Monday. Oy!