March 4th, 2013

Today was a good day.

I like good days. Recently I have to appreciate them one at a time.

I had good results from both PSW Acupuncture in Sunnyvale and Chiropractor Kim Makoi in San Francisco, and I am now able to move my hip easily and without pain. This is an incredible improvement. It still feels like there's a vice grip on my calf, but I was exceptionally happy with the gain. I see my physical therapist first thing tomorrow AM.

I was free enough from pain that I managed to take out the trash and mow down the forest that my front lawn had become. It actually looks reasonably nice out there.

Avocados... I still have hundreds. You want 'em, just text me before you arrive so I know who's wandering in the yard. But please come and get 'em.
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