May 6th, 2012

Something better than Boxee?

I'm struggling to decide whether or not to keep the Boxee device. It is downright awesome for playing media I've downloaded off the Internet, but it sucks at most other things. Notably that it crashes fairly often in most of those apps, and I find myself rebooting it a lot.

Obviously I could purchase a Mac Mini and use that instead, but I like the idea of an appliance -- something that Just Works and doesn't need me to administer it.

I'm curious if there are any better choices I am overlooking.

Note: anything which forces me to pay for each thing I watch is out of the question. I like the idea of movies on demand, but most of the things I watch are not available in the pay-to-play portfolios and/or are completely free to download and watch on your own. So Apple TV and Roku are definitely not options for me. I need something which will play DivX downloads for example.
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