April 10th, 2012

Good sports medicine doctor in Valley Medical or nearby?

Do any of you know a good primary care doctor with a sports medicine background in Valley Medical or any other group in the San Jose area? I need to switch away from my current doctor, and I'd like to find one closer to home.

I am deeply frustrated by Palo Alto Medical Group. They have hundreds of computer systems, but they seem to be lost by them. They gather lots of information, but can't put it together. I just commuted through a bunch of morning suicide drivers on a motorcycle in the rain to an appointment at PAMF which was unnecessary, and needed to be scheduled AFTER a different thing. They had computers to call me and remind me to show up, but they couldn't look in their computers after determine that they needed drug tests before the appointment, and schedule those too.

This is a situation where a human with paperwork would be better than a human who trusts a computer to do their job for them. This isn't the only time that I've had to take control and force them to follow a useful process. Their computers have taken over, their training and personal judgement is gone, and PAMF is completely lost within their computer systems. I feel that they are completely unsafe for me to rely upon them for medical judgement.

Now that I am living in San Jose, I'd like to find a medical group who knows how to use their computers to assist their knowledge and training, and isn't completely lost within them.
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