April 9th, 2012

LiveJournal and drama-lama

You know, I managed to totally forget that LiveJournal was well known for drama drama drama. I wandered into a particular conversation on someone else's LJ, and posted a not-well written comment far too early in the morning, and voila! Here some the deliberate misinterpretations, and statements that absolutely defy reality. Ooops.

Thank god for Delete. No, it's not gone -- thar Interwebz have it forever somewhere, but hopefully the nastiness will fall out of my e-mail sometime soon. And I will never again post outside of my small group of friends here.

It is amazing how many people think that being utterly nasty to someone is a great way to encourage better thinking. It's not a gender thing, both sides are equally guilty of this. If you want to raise the standard of conversation, be part of that change.
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