February 19th, 2012

Demolition Man

I spent all of yesterday destroying things. When I got there at 8:30am the workers were using jackhammers to tear up the cracked and broken driveway. We brought the RV to figure out how to get it into this driveway, but it would be a while before they were ready.

We had our own bits to do. First we knocked down a rotting and termite infected shed. Then we used a chainsaw and pole saws to cut down two small trees. And I thought we finished after climbing up the tree and later onto the roof to cut down some large branches that were touching the house.

Nope, it wasn't to be that easy. After tearing down a leading part of the front brick wall to get the RV into place, we learned that it wouldn't fit through the wooden gate into the back yard. So out came the sledgehammer and then the pike until we had pulled this out as well.

It was 6pm by the time we were done with this, and I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

The one bit of good news is that even more neighbors stopped by the say hi, and many of them knew great things about the property and some of them even lent us tools to get things done. I really like my neighbors.
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