January 15th, 2012

It's a tight fit, but it will do.

So there was really only one stop-everything question remaining on the house, and that was whether or not it was possible to get my RV into the driveway. This had started to worry me more and more, until this morning I persuaded my roommate to come with me and give it a try.

It wasn't possible to get the RV into the driveway, but that was for a reason we knew and was already in the plans: the cracked and broken concrete driveway with too steep of an entrance. But the main concern I had was whether I could turn the beast into the driveway across the street, and get enough of an angle to align the RV with my driveway. It turns out that this was easier than I expected, and I am quite happy.

Part of the ease comes from having forgotten that directly facing my driveway is a red zone. So nobody should be parked there. If that ever stops being a red zone, I may have a problem -- however it's a red zone because it's hard up against the main utility pole for the entire block, so I don't see that changing unless the utilities go underground -- which doesn't appear to be happening. And removing the pole would make other problems go away, so it might work out better that way.

Now, easier might make you think Easy, and that it won't be. But I was able to get aligned with just the left turn in, one pull back, another hard left forward and I would have been able to back right into the driveway but for the clearance issues.

So, yay! That's my last main problem. I also met a very nice neighbor too, so that helped improve my mood even more.
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