November 9th, 2011

Midnightus interuptus.

So after posting last night we ran off to dinner at a good and cheap Indian place just a few doors down from our hotel. Erm, well actually there are about 30 good restaurants "just a few doors down" here, but yeah it was closer than most.

Then we stumbled off for a moonlight walk on the beach. At which time we found that the daytime sleepy bar where we play with a pit bull and buy beer each day was ROCKING. I mean, I don't think there's ever been 8 people at this bar -- bartender, pit bull and ourselves included. There was easily 200 people there dancing away to a local salsa band. Mostly locals or persistent visitors from what I could see. 4 bartenders behind the bar, popping out drinks. Sadly, no pit bull to play with. We watched for a while, finished out moonlight walk on the beach and stumbled back to our room.

This morning we woke early for an all-day cruise to Prickly Pear Island and marine reserve. Nice trip out in the morning, several hours of snorkeling above the coral reefs there and a decent lunch on the island. Right when it was time to leave it started pouring rain. I was still floating in the water and didn't notice for a bit, but then it started to come down so heavy it was coming down my snorkel so I gave up and got in the boat and we headed back. Good crew, and it was fun to be 13 people in a boat for 50.

We have no clue what we're doing for the next two days. Dinner is the next thing to determine. We'll probably go horseback riding tomorrow and I'm probably going diving Friday morning again (more wrecks!) but this all remains unplanned at the moment. If Nova ever climbs off her tail you might get pictures...
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