November 8th, 2011

Not dead, just disconnected.

So it's not just that I'm in a tiny island in the Caribbean smaller than San Francisco city itself, or that phone coverage doesn't work in my room (and calling rates are atrocious when it does work) but I had to up and forget about my cell phone in my shorts pocket and let a nice wave make that unavailable now too.

There is wi-fi internet in the room, but (A) we're not in the room much and (B) it works even less often than we are in the room.

Other than this we are having fun. We saw much of Maho city on Saturday night, starting with dinner at Le Moulin Fou - french and expensive but worth every penny. Then we stumbled upon an awesome open-air night club playing caribbean music. I hate hate hate despise dislike can't stand rehashed american songs done for the elderly tourist audiences so it was nice to find something with a real beat and an engaged group of artists playing off each other. Got to curl up on the outdoor chairs and enjoy the night sky (with stars!) and watch some an incredible couple do salsa to the music.

Sunday we caught up on sleep and arranged for much of the rest of the week, then caught a Sunset cruise out with Passaat. They are fantastic people and I highly recommend their dinners and cruises.

Monday we wanted down to Philipsburg and did some shopping. This is also were a larger than expected wave stole my phone away from me, thus leaving me the most disconnected I've been well over 10 years.

Today I went up to Grand Case (on the french side of the island) for a double scuba dive, seeing a coral reef nicknamed Japanese Gardens and crawled through the tight port holes of a sunken tugboat. I wish I had video of that to share, it was neat.

Tomorrow we carry our passports again because we are visiting some other islands for an all-day snorkeling cruise. The rest of the week remains unplanned other than hanging out with Jeff on Saturday evening in Philadelphia. I may not get back on to update, so take this as creed that I am alive and well but disconnected.
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