January 30th, 2011

From Twitter 01-29-2011

02:24:54: It's a very odd feeling when the muse grabs your hands and spins out a different story ending that you didn't expect. But is so right.
02:30:05: It was exactly as I had gloated. It was worse than I had ever dreamed. #wip
09:45:19: RT @nickjfrost: Egyptian TV reporting Mubarak has escaped in a giant flying pyramid.
23:22:19: RT @Danjite: RT @natevw "I'm not really an adult; I'm a child with sudo access" - #lca2011
23:38:13: My friends are made of awesome. I'm glad to spend tonight with them.

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750 words on Descending, was reviewed well.

Late Friday night I finally hammered home some very necessary edits to Descending Pitch. Unfortunately the story has grown by 750 words. It has no hope whatever of being edited below 3000 words like I had intended. On the other hand, the changes were reviewed very well by everyone so far. I have a couple suggestions to consider, a final read-aloud edit to do, and then it will be submitted.

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