January 15th, 2011

From Twitter 01-14-2011

11:59:32: At Furcon trying to find registration.
13:03:28: Registration line was an hour plus. Deferred to get caffeine and found line down to very reasonable. #fc2010
15:41:27: @walkie74 Where are you hiding? Saw Jae at registration. I'm doing $dayjob work in the lounge downstairs.
15:43:30: @NMamatas Improper use of present-perfect tense. Past-perfect tense would be much more appropriate, don't you think? ;-)
15:45:40: RT @Danjite: "Temporary" cessation of civil liberties known as US Patriot Act about to be extended yet again: http://exm.nr/eIX2fY
19:19:44: Rocking the hand-crafted cocktails and chill atmosphere at the Single Barrel.

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