January 2nd, 2011

From Twitter 01-01-2011

00:16:44: Last I saw @dresdendolls I was against the stage. Amanda touched me. Now I find her an awesome performer even from the nosebleed seats.
00:18:45: I want to find an mp3 of Amanda singing this with her friend. #dresdendolls
00:59:32: Happy New Year all you left-coasters. May you write, design, create and sing your best this coming year.
01:24:05: Bald guy dancing on left of stage doesn't realize his shiny head is upstaging band we paid to see. Needs to get off stage. #dresdendolls
01:27:17: Thank you Nova for teaching me about how good a partner can be this year. I'm looking forward to 12 great months this year.
01:41:56: @amandapalmer is singing from the nosebleed seats now. Damn I love this gal.

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