January 1st, 2011

From Twitter 12-31-2010

17:04:53: Looks like tonight will be a quiet evening alone. I think I may even get some writing done.
17:08:51: Oh wait, Dresden Dolls at the Warfield tonight. Hmmm...
20:51:21: Found someone with a spare ticket so I'll be sitting pretty at the @dresdendolls show. Wonder if @neilhimself will make an appearance.
21:19:54: @zourzouvillys Gun to protect yourself next time Skype goes offline? Wow people were upset...
21:50:12: @neilhimself are you coming out to play before the show?
22:08:47: The opening act makes clear that this will be The Night Of Hyper Piano Players #dresdendolls
23:24:52: Amanda Palmer is adhoc singing snark while they try to get her keyboard working. #dresdendolls
23:37:01: No tapes here! Amanda improvs when her synth powers off again. #dresdendolls
23:48:29: Harboring vain wishes that @amandapalmer or @neilhimself could tell crew to adjust backlight which is blinding everyone in the balcony.

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Let's do even more of That!

I didn't start 2010 all that well but it has ended fabulously. I have a fantastic job. I have a fantastic life partner, and I've got a whole bunch of awesome friends. I think that my resolution for 2011 is "Let's do even more of That!"

But if I am honest with myself, right now my failings are entirely that I am doing too much. Not too much of the good things, but I'm still wasting time doing things I don't really need to do. A bit too much of emotional churn around things which should be resolved and moved forward. I did a lot of that work in December, and January bids fair to begin free of a lot of those stresses.

So this year will be the year of "Let's do more of That!" In no particular order:

1. Get back to writing consistently. And submit, submit, submit.
2. Focus on motorcycle racing again, and get back to feeling competent.
3. Spend more good time with Nova.
4. Deliver solid results at the Day Job.
5. More personal time with my dogs.
6. More time scheduled for relaxation and sleep.

Things that will be going away.

* Even less TV watching -- which at this point means "none"
* Less time dealing with drama in my home -- simplify home environment
* Less time thrashing around inside my head paralyzed -- make action points, do something.
* Less time doing busy work to support messes -- fix them or remove them entirely

Hm. Actually the first 3 are really just specifics of the last one.

It's actually somewhat simple. I need a clean life so that I can have more time doing things I love. That's the plan, and I'm going to stick to it.
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