December 17th, 2010

Here, alive, well... and pushing myself really hard.

This post is to apologize for a lot of radio silence lately. No, my LJ will not become just a dumping ground for tweets. I will be posting more often, soon. Yes, I am alive and doing well.

I'm also pushing myself very hard. I'm learning, growing, changing, and pushing hard again on something new at a really fast rate. The person I was in 2009 is long gone. The person who I was this summer has had a lot of rough edges shined off, and it more solid and real than he was then.

novalm has been my companion through much of this. It has been hard on her. It has been hard on me. We are learning and growing and loving together. We've made some sidesteps, some back steps... but we've made a lot of good steps. She is an incredible friend and partner and I'm very lucky to have her at my side.

This has left me with very little time to hang out with friends, and I'm really sorry for that. I will be at the pre-solstice party tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you all.
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