December 16th, 2010

From Twitter 12-15-2010

11:34:30: is now using LOUD popup advertisements. I've blocked all links to instead. Great technique to reduce viewers.
11:36:06: Play music and advertisements on load and lose my business. My job requires volume raised, but no coworkers want to hear ads played out.
11:38:07: @zansidhe A bunch of us are going straight from Renegades to Tron on Thursday for the midnight showing.
11:39:53: @zansidhe Sleep is overrated. So many better things to be doing.
11:43:07: @ElusiveGrace Search YouTube for "Tron 1982". In 7 parts but linked together. I watched it in 1080p the other night :-)
11:44:13: @ElusiveGrace You are not stealing. Disney forced all retailers to take original Tron offline. You couldn't buy it if you wanted to.

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