November 14th, 2010

From Twitter 11-13-2010

03:33:38: Six hours of editing, and I really only got started on the things that need a serious fix. Ouch.
14:12:29: RT @Chrysaora: WTF. RT: @aheram: Wow. The "Sarah Palin email hacker" will serve more time in prison than the BART officer that murdered ...
15:36:28: I'm breaking up a long maintenance weekend with wine tasting in Livermore. Happy.
15:46:00: @Paul_Cornell oh my. How does one apply to be one of the chaps? *giggle*
18:28:54: Roomate is letting dogs out. Don't need to drive drunk for potty relief.
23:37:57: Seventeen year old green chartreuse is a delectable and evil thing.

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